Two Juab County Commission seats are up for election this November.

Commission Chairman Joseph A. Bernini, a Democrat, is defending his seat against Republican Mike Keith.And Democrat Vard White will face Republican Ike Lunt for the seat being vacated by Commissioner Jim Garrett, who is not running for re-election.

Commission seat A

Joseph A. Bernini, Eureka, is retired after serving as Eureka police chief for many years. He said he would like to see progress to benefit the health and economic needs of county residents.

"Law enforcement is good (in Juab County)," said Bernini. He said he supports law enforcement personnel and any changes would be contingent upon expectations of the taxpayers of Juab County.

When asked if a special services district should be established for rec-reation, Bernini said, "I believe the county should stand ready to help or encourage any project that will assist the health and welfare of the county but without placing an unfair burden on any certain group or groups."

The county can encourage more economic development "by keeping the area attractive through promoting a good dependable labor force, extending tax incentives and by not overdoing regulations."

Mike Keith, Mona, is self-employed as a business consultant in network marketing and is also a bail bond agent for Beehive Bail Bonds, Salt Lake City.

"The major change that must take place is a change in image. We need to see ourselves as the central location for light industry, great recreation, and the best place in Utah for raising a family and educating them," said Keith.

"I view the law enforcement department as people. These people generally do a fine job. I'd trust the safety of my family to anyone of them. Do they make mistakes? Most of us do. Is there room for improvement? Yes. But overhauling the department would be ill-advised."

Keith does not favor creating a special service district for recreation on a county level. "Creating a special service district creates more government."

Commission seat B

Vard I. White, Nephi, has been the owner-operator of Vard's Drive In in Nephi for the past 22 years.

"The most important problems facing those elected are economic development, uniting the county as a whole and also uniting other elected officials throughout the county and working toward the bettering of Juab County," said White.

White said the county needs to develop a master plan that would encourage economic development. "It (Juab County) needs to become involved with cities on both the east and west sides of the county to encourage expansion and retention of existing industry, as well as new (industry)."

White said the county should be involved in recreation. "The time will come when Juab County will need a special service district for rec-reation." But he said short-term and long-range plans are needed first.

Ike Lunt is a salesman at Parkin Motor Co., Nephi. He has served 26 years on the Ute Stampede Committee and is current president.

He sees the most important problems facing those elected as the budget, money problems, and attracting jobs "to keep our young people in the county."

Asked his views on local law enforcement, Lunt said, "I feel that any department could make some small changes to make it more operational, but I feel the sheriff's department is doing a good job overall."

He said the County Commission can encourage economic development by creating "more positive contacts and better relations with companies looking to relocate and also by encouraging the people of Juab County to have a more positive attitude toward our county. The commission should help as much as they can any city that contacts companies to come into the area to relocate."