Surrogate mother Anna Johnson, left, ordered by a judge to give up all rights to a baby she bore for a childless couple, wipes tears from her eyes while Mark and Crispina Calvert, above, hug each other during custody ruling by California Superior Court Richard Parslow. In the first case in which a surrogate mother sought to have parental rights to a child to whom she had no genetic links, Parslow awarded the Calverts exclusive parental-custody rights of the baby boy born to Johnson in September and ended all parental rights for Johnson, including temporary visiting rights granted earlier. The Calverts paid Johnson $10,000 to carry the baby and provided the sperm and egg. Southern California ACLU director Ramona Ripston said the ruling is tantamount to baby selling. "We are entering into very dangerous times if we allow the creation of a breeder class of women whose parental rights can be signed away in a business deal," she said.