Utah livestock owners who have a brand or earmark registered with the Utah Department of Agriculture must renew it in 1990 or lose claim to it, UDA officials said Tuesday.

Terry Menlove, chief of the UDA's animal identification bureau, said notices of the deadline were mailed to Utah farmers and ranchers earlier this year and 70 percent of all Utah brands and earmarks on record have been renewed.The UDA requires the renewal every five years. This not only keeps the records current, Menlove said, but allows old brands that are no longer in use to be available to new livestock owners.

About six weeks after receiving the renewal application, the UDA sends the individual a wall-sized certificate and a wallet-sized certificate of recording.

"A brand on an animal is its only return address," Menlove said. "Every livestock owner should record a brand and use it. Every year, more than $1 million worth of livestock which have strayed, been stolen or are otherwise lost are returned to Utah owners through the brand or earmark."

Menlove said a new brand or earmark costs only $25 with a five-year renewal of $15. More information about the brand program may be obtained by contacting Menlove at 538-7137.