Palestinians attacked and wounded four more Israelis Tuesday during a third day of anti-Jewish violence despite increased security measures throughout Israel and Jerusalem.

Since Sunday, Arab assailants, usually acting alone, have killed three Israelis and wounded seven.Following the first attack, the fatal stabbing Sunday of three Jews in a quiet Jerusalem neighborhood, police patrols have been stepped up and Palestinians from the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip have been barred from entering Jerusalem.

In the latest incident, a Palestinian laborer from the Gaza Strip attacked his 53-year-old employer and a 40-year-old neighbor while working in a frameshop in the coastal town of Ashkelon, Army Radio reported.

The two Israelis were hospitalized with head injuries in moderate condition. The 20-year-old suspect from the village of Beit Lahiya was arrested after police spotted him running in a suspicious manner.

"According to the suspect, the motivation for his actions was revenge for the killing of his friend in the Gaza Strip," said Lahish District Police Chief Shimon Levi.

Earlier Tuesday, two women soldiers waiting at a roadside army hitchhiking stop were stabbed near Kibbutz Alonim in northern Israel. One soldier was seriously wounded and the second lightly, police said.

A Palestinian from the West Bank city of Jenin got out of a car and allegedly attacked the women. Civilians and soldiers overpowered the 39-year-old suspect, who was taken to a police station and later hospitalized after losing consciousness.

"I saw how he attacked one of the soldiers," an Israeli who helped catch the suspect told Israel Radio. "I ran after him and caught him. . . . I am myself the father of two girls in the army."

Police mounted a huge search for other Palestinians who may have been involved in the attack and escaped in the car. Ten Arabs were detained for questioning.

Jerusalem remained tense Tuesday as an additional 2,000 police patrolled the city to prevent anti-Arab attacks and more stabbings. Following Sunday's killings, authorities ordered Palestinians from the territories from entering Jerusalem.