LAVA SPEWING from the Kilauea volcano destroyed yet another home, its 180th, and threatened others Monday as scientists monitored three separate flows along the southeast coast of the island of Hawaii. The molten stream threatened the home in the evacuated Kalapana Shores coastal community for more than 24 hours before claiming it Sunday morning, a civil defense official said . . . INDIA AUTHORITIES have clamped a curfew on sections of Chandigarh city following shooting incidents that claimed at least eight lives and subsequent rioting to protest the killings. Sikh militants attacked two groups of anti-government protesters Monday, leaving at least eight people dead and 14 injured, police said . . . A TRANSPLANT PATIENT died a week after being given a heart of the wrong blood type, hospital officials said Monday in Minneapolis. The unidentified patient, who died after undergoing organ rejection Friday, had type-O blood but received a heart from someone with type A, Dr. Robert Emery said.