Q. Whatever happened to Farrah Fawcett's movie comeback?

A. Fawcett's first film assignment in years was "Funny About Love" with Gene Wilder, but her character as one of Wilder's lovers ended up on the proverbial cutting-room floor. According to insiders, it became obvious not long into production that Fawcett's scenes weren't working. Instead of reshooting, director Leonard Nimoy used his scissors before the film's release in September.Q. I watch "Love Boat" reruns. I really like Fred Grandy, who plays Gopher. Tell me what movies and TV he's done lately. How old is he? Is he married? - M.M., Miami.

A. Grandy's been a congressman from his native Iowa since 1986. He's 42, married and father of a daughter.

Q. Many years ago, I remember seeing a movie about a concert pianist. Rachmaninoff's Concerto No. 2 was played in it. I think Robert Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor starred and the title tune was "Full Moon and Empty Arms" but I can't find the movie listed anywhere. - D.R., Dearborn Heights, Mich.

A. The movie was 1946's "I've Always Loved You" and starred Philip Dorn and Catherine MacLeod. Artur Rubinstein was heard on the sound track. Adapting classics to pop tunes was very in for a time. "Full Moon and Empty Arms" was among them but wasn't from the movie.

Q. Who plays Lucy Quartermain on"General Hospital"? Tell me about her. Where can I write her? - R.M., Ferndale.

A. Lynn Herring's been Lucy since 1986 when she was signed for a 13-week stint. Fans liked the character so much, she was given a steady job. Herring was born in Enid, Okla., daughter of an Air Force pilot, and grew up all over the U.S. She graduated from Louisiana State. She was Miss Virginia and a runner-up in the 1977 Miss USA contest. She worked as a model in New York before moving to Hollywood in 1980, where she did TV guest roles and commercials before joining "GH." She was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her work as Lucy, 1989-90. She's married to soap actor Wayne Nothrop and they expect their first child in February.

Q. Why doesn't Uma Thurman, the actress who stars in the new film "Henry & June," about writer Henry Miller and his unfaithful bride, speak with an accent?

A. Despite her Scandinavian-sounding name, she's American. Uma, 20, was born in Boston and grew up in New England and Woodstock, N.Y. Her mother, a former model, once married to Timothy Leary, is a psychotherapist; her father, an Eastern-religions scholar and professor at Columbia University, chose the name "Uma" from Hindu mythology. At 16, she lived alone in New York's Hell's Kitchen and modeled to make ends meet while studying acting. After her supporting role in "Dangerous Liaisons," Thurman was on the cover of Rolling Stone's 1989 "Hot Issue" and was named one of Us magazine's "10 Most Beautiful Women." She lives in Greenwich Village.

Q. Is the handsome continental actor who plays Victor Newman on "The Young and the Restless" hitched?

A. Unfortunately for his fans, the 49-year-old Eric Braeden (born Hans Gudegast in Kiel, Germany) has been happily married for 24 years and has a 20-year-old son, Christian. Apart from the CBS soap, he's been working on the TV movie version of Jackie Collins' spicy novel "Lucky."

Q. Did Jeremy Irons meet Claus von Bulow before preparing to portray the Danish socialite lawyer in the movie "Reversal of Fortune"?

A. Irons didn't want to meet von Bulow, free after a retrial of his conviction for attempting to kill his heiress wife, Sunny, with an injection of insulin. "I knew he wouldn't tell me anything of any use at all," said the British actor. "I listened to how women felt about him. ... There's certainly the smell of the sadistic about him." Irons did talk to art writer John Richardson, who's known von Bulow since he was a teen-ager. "He's seen him fulfill completely his ambition to marry well," Irons said. "That was all useful."

Q. Provide some information about the most talented and beautiful woman in Hollywood, Carol Kane, including where to write. - B.J., Austin, Texas.

A. Kane was born June 18, 1952, in Cleveland, Ohio, and later lived in Paris and New York. She made her professional acting debut before she finished high school, touring in "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie." She made her movie bow in 1970's "Is This Trip Really Necessary?" She was nominated for an Oscar for 1975's "Hester Street." "The Lemon Sisters" and "My Blue Heaven" are her latest movies. Currently, she's co-starring with Robert Urich in NBC's "American Dreamer," her third TV series. She has an Emmy for "Taxi." "All Is Forgiven" is the other. Write: Paramount Television, 5555 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90038-3197.

Q. Recently, I saw a movie on TV, "The Sheriff of Madrid" with Glenn Ford. It seemed like two shows put together. Was it ever a series? - J.S., Philadelphia.

A. It was episodes of "Cade's County," the 1971-72 modern western that was Ford's first TV series.

Q. I have a 3-year-old daughter who's in love with "MacGyver," Richard Dean Anderson. We need an address for an autographed picture. - J.H., Lake Orion, Mich.

A. At 40, Anderson's a little old for her, but why not? Write: Paramount Television, 5555 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90038-3197.

Q. Tell all us after-midnight TV viewers about Charlie Rose, former host of "Nightwatch." Where is he now? - T.H., Tustin, Calif.

A. Rose is a graduate of Duke University and New York University. He started his news career at New York's WPIX-TV. He produced "Bill Moyers Journal" for PBS and did several other PBS shows before co-hosting "A.M. Chicago" and working for NBC News. He hosted "The Charlie Rose Show" from 1981 until he joined "Nightwatch" in 1984. He's now host of a syndicated show, "Personalities."

Q. The guys down the street say Barbara Eden is in her late 60s. We gals say "no way." Tell us her age and birthdate. - Gang on Chase Street, Edgewater, Colo.

A. The guys are no gentlemen. Eden was 56 last Aug. 23. This season, she'll join "I Dream of Jeannie" co-star Larry Hagman in "Dallas." She won't be playing a gentle genie either.

Q. Tell me where to write Dana Delany, of "China Beach." Is she married and how old is she? - R.T., Chicago.

A. Delany is 34 and single. Write: Warner Bros. Television, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, Calif. 91522.