To the editor:

With all the euphoria about Mikhail Gorbachev winning the Nobel Peace Prize, I would like to offer another perspective. Though it may be more sobering, it must be considered.There is no doubt that Gorbachev has affected monumental change in the world. The popular and overwhelming sentiment in the world is that these changes have been for the betterment of mankind. Views to the contrary are not popular at all.

Is it possible, however, that the Soviet Union and the various communist satellites are merely taking one major step backward before taking their final and triumphant two steps forward?

Before balking at this possibility, please read the following statement of strategy written by Anatoliy Golitsyn, a former major in intelligence for the KGB (bear in mind that this was written in 1985, before any of the drastic changes took place):

"The new methodology examines current developments in relation to the objectives of the long-range policy. It sees that policy as having three phases . . .

"The first phase is the creation of favorable conditions for the implementation of the policy; the second is the exploitation of Western misunderstanding of the policy to gain specific advantages . . . .

"The beginning of the third, and final, offensive phase is marked by a major shift in communist tactics in preparation for a comprehensive assault on the West in which the communist world, taking advantage of the West's long-term strategic errors, moves forward toward its ultimate objective of the global triumph of international communism."

I, like you, wish that the changes taking place were not merely strategic facades. Perhaps you may still choose to believe that the changes are genuine and that communism really is dead.

The most sobering thought that comes when considering these things is that if what I am saying is true, then many good people are being deceived. We need not look any further than the newspaper we are reading to see the level of that deception.

If the cry of "Peace, peace, when there is no peace" is the precursor to major destruction, we might take a good hard look at what is going on in the world now. (Jeremiah 6:14) But more importantly, each of us must take a good hard look at our own hearts, for that is where peace must begin - not forcefully imposed from the outside.

Sterling D. Allan

The American Party of Utah County