FAMOUS FOSSILS: The most famous human fossils from Africa and Eurasia are on display in Brussels at the Palais des Beaux-Arts through Dec. 30, as part of an exhibition on human biological and cultural origins. About 200 original items, most never before displayed, are featured in this one-time exhibit.

Highlights include actual bones of the Australopitocus ("early man"), the Homo habilis (first person to make tools); the Pithecanthrope (discoverer of fire); the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnon. There also are treasures of prehistoric art from France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Denmark.ICELAND DISCOUNTS: Icelandair is offering $45 bonus vouchers at airport check-in for passengers to London, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg or Stockholm. The vouchers can be used toward duty-free goods, Iceland stopovers, Iceland car rentals or hotels or future airline tickets.