Trash is making headlines: landfills overflowing, refuse on the shores, the environment in peril.

It's an issue people are doing something about. You can help, by using a trash compactor to shrink the volume of your recyclable and non-recyclable waste.Trash compactors don't take up a lot of space in the kitchen, yet offer a variety of quality features. For example, an 18-inch wide trash compactor produced by Michigan-based KitchenAid, Inc. offers exclusive features suc as a litter-bin door that allows small items to be loaded even while the compactor is operating.

Tilt-away trash basket and basket release handle for easy trash removal; activated charcoal air filter and odor control fan with on/off switch; one-half HP motor that provides 3,000 pounds of ram force, to reduce trash to about one-fourth its original volume.

Some consumers are investing in multiple trash compactors to help separate and compact recyclable materials. As mandatory recycling becomes more common, trash compactors are more than just nice to have: It's the right thing to do. Consider them almost a necessity in any kitchen improvement project.