The Utah County Election Office stopped taking voter registrations on Tuesday, Oct. 16. The office will begin registering voters again on Nov. 7. Yep, that's a day after the election.

Still, residents can sign up to vote in the 1990 final election through neighborhood registrars on Oct. 30, 31 and Nov. 1 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The election office can provide residents the names of neighborhood registrars. Absentee ballots for those who will be traveling within the United States on election day can be requested until Nov. 2.The Utah County Republican Party is relying on a grass-roots effort to reach voters before the final election.

"Voting district chairmen have been given a computer-generated listing of all registered voters in their respective districts," said Lewis Billings, party vice chairman. "They will organize neighborhood calling groups for the purpose of personally contacting each registered voter."

The Republican Party also purchased 3,500 signs reminding voters to "Vote, Tuesday, November 6th," which will be displayed throughout the county.

The Utah County Democratic Party is staging "Honk and Waves" at strategic areas throughout the county urging people to vote. The party also is distributing voter information door-to-door and by telephone throughout the county.