The Security Council on Friday authorized the dispatch of a new mission to Iran to investigate Iran's charges that Iraq had again used chemical weapons earlier this week, the Council president said.

Ambassador Li Luye of China told reporters it was up to Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar to appoint the mission and make arrangements for the inquiry.The decision was taken during closed-door consultations, when Council members also heard a report from Perez de Cuellar on the logistics of a Persian Gulf cease-fire supervised by the United Nations.

The secretary general was outlining the findings of a team of military experts, led by Lt. Gen. Martin Vadset of Norway, which has just visited Tehran and Baghdad.

In a letter to Council President Li on Wednesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayati called for a new U.N. probe of chemical warfare, charging more than 1,000 civilians were wounded when Iraqi planes dropped mustard gas bombs the previous day on the Oshnaviyeh region of Western Azerbaijan. He said the full casualty toll was not yet known.

The United Nations on Monday issued a report on previous allegations of gas warfare. It found there were casualties among troops on both sides but that there was evidence Iraqi forces' use of chemicals had become more intense and frequent.