Former Corrections Inspector General Scott McAlister got off too easy in receiving a seven-day jail term as part of a child pornography plea bargain, his ex-secretary says.

Linda Dreitzler, who received a $95,000 sexual harassment settlement from the state stemming from her accusations against McAlister, said the sentence amounts to only a slap on the hand.In return for a felony child pornography charge being reduced, McAlister recently accepted a class A misdemeanor charge instead.

"Saying that Scott has suffered enough . . . I'm sorry, but the suffering he has caused is far greater than the suffering he has been through. He has given no public apology, he didn't pay for the settlement, he has no remorse. It just isn't fair," Dreitzler said in an interview published Monday by The Salt Lake Tribune.

In the suit, Dreitzler accused McAlister of trading secretaries based on sexual preference, using his position to coerce sex, and using pornographic movies as aids for group sex.