Next year school will begin Aug. 19 for Provo City schools on traditional schedules.

Provo School Board member Mossi White presented the proposed 1991-92 calendar to the School Board during a recent meeting. She said the calendar is an attempt to please the most people possible based on a survey conducted by the board two years ago.More people indicated that they want school to end before the Memorial Day weekend than wanted school to start after Labor Day. School Board President David G. Weight said two things - setting school boundaries and the calendar - prompt the most complaints of all school board actions.

Faculty will get two days off a year, called comp days, to make up for the time teachers spend in parent conferences. The fall "common comp day" will be the day before Thanksgiving. The spring comp day will be Apr. 15, the day before the three-day spring vacation.

The last day of school will be May 22.