Photographs of nude streakers on the University of Idaho campus will appear in the school yearbook, albeit a little late.

The student body communications board has finally reached a compromise over the issue with Jill Beck, last year's editor of the Gem of the Mountains, the annual for the Moscow school, according to board chairwoman Paula Kilmartin.The board questioned the propriety of the photos. The compromise allows two photos of several male streakers to be printed, showing frontal nudity. One obvious view will be blocked with a "censor bar," the litte rectangles often used to hide faces.

Beck said the conflict held up printing of last year's annual for two months. It was supposed to be distributed to students earlier this fall.

"I'm glad it's over," she said. "I'm not satisfied there's a censor bar in the book. I don't think it's appropriate. But I felt that was what was needed to get it done."

At issue has been whether the student board can exert editorial control over the content of the Gem and other student efforts, such as the Argonaut newspaper.

Beck believes the board has the right to review editorial policy, but not individual editorial decisions. The Gem of the Mountains is expected back from the printers in less than a month.