Local volunteers like Helenmar Peterson who participated in a 24-hour Knit-a-thon, sponsored by the Knitting Machine Council of America, produced nearly 300 children's sweaters, which are being donated to the Salt Lake Homeless Shelter, Neighborhood House and Head Start. Participants in the project included children and senior citizens, church youth groups, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Representatives of the Utah League of Credit Unions adopted 10 of the 24 donated knitting machines for the 24-hour period. "Caps for Kids," the original knitting project for underprivileged children, grew into a national commitment. Bonnie Greene, a California store owner, urged customers to use leftover yarn to create caps for children. Greene is now joined by yarn stores, knitting and sewing machine manufacturers and yarn suppliers nationwide to produce not only hats, but also sweaters, layettes and scarves for needy families. Those interested in participating in "Caps for Kids" are urged to contact local registered yarn shops, Joan's Knit-Knack, 466-5561; Salt Lake Weaver's Store, 486-1610; Spinning Wheel, 292-0672; or the Wooly West, 583-9373, for further information. Knitting patterns for both hand and machine-produced articles are available free of charge from the Machine Knitting Council of America, 307 W. 200 South, Suite 2003, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.