Farmers grow tall corn in Millard County, but one small crop of another product was found that even shadowed the corn. The crop wasn't wanted, and the farmer on whose land it was found didn't know it was there until the harvest.

The crop was marijuana.Some of the farmer's corn plants had been removed and replaced with about two dozen marijuana plants. The farmer promptly reported his discovery to the Millard County sheriff's department.

The plants - one of them 12 feet in height - towered over Sheriff Ed Phillips' 6-foot-4-inch frame. The sheriff said some people would question such growth, adding the plants were the largest he has ever seen.

"We were happy to harvest a little earlier than anticipated and glad to take it off the market," Phillips quipped.

The sheriff said marijuana grows wild as a common roadside weed in areas of the Midwest but concluded the crop in the corn was deliberately planted. Its value was estimated at $3,000.