Rep. Wayne Owens is way out in front of other Utah congressional candidates in fund-raising, the latest Federal Election Commission reports show.

Owens has raised $541,203, more than half of it, $232,022, from political action committees.Genevieve Atwood, Owens' GOP challenger in the 2nd District race, has raised $210,038, with most of that, $120,000, coming in loans from Atwood herself. "That's it, that's all the money I'm loaning the campaign," Atwood said Wednesday.

Owens has always been able to raise a lot of PAC money. In 1986, when he sought his old 2nd District seat again, he raised more PAC money than any other non-incumbent in the United States. He said several weeks ago that he wouldn't raise as much money this election as he has in the past, "mainly because I don't want to spend the time doing it - I find it (fund-raising) personally unpleasant."

The reports of Karl Snow, GOP candidate in the 3rd District, and Rep. Jim Hansen, 1st District GOP incumbent, were not on file in the lieutenant governor's office as of Wednesday, even though due Monday evening. However, the Associated Press reports that Snow has raised $178,565 and that Hansen has raised $159,274.

Kenley Brunsdale, Democratic candidate in the 1st District, has raised $73,767, $45,000 from PACs. And Bill Orton, Democratic candidate in the 3rd District, has raised $25,255. Brunsdale has debts of $19,004, while Orton has debts of $48,744.