The sheriff who arrested three members of the 2 Live Crew said the rappers would be arrested again if they gave another performance like the one a jury ruled was not obscene.

The Broward County jury found group members Luther Campbell, Mark Ross and Christopher Wongwon not guilty Saturday of giving an obscene performance at Hollywood's Club Futura on June 10. The verdict ended a two-week trial.But Sheriff Nick Navarro said the verdict did not change Florida's law banning obscene performances. "It's against the law. Nothing has changed," Navarro said.

If the Crew performs again in Broward County, Navarro said he would "absolutely arrest them."

"I have to," Navarro said. "I lose homicide and narcotic cases and I don't stop arresting people for those crimes. If they break the law they will get arrested."

The group plans to resume touring and to perform concerts in Broward County, Campbell said, although no date has been set.

He described the case as a political ploy by Navarro to influence voters by waging a high-profile anti-obscenity campaign.