A year ago when G.L. Gray Co. applied for building permits for a senior citizen housing development in Manti, it assured city officials of two things.

One promise was that the project's appearance would be appropriate to a pioneer town whose landscape features historic stone buildings.And another promise was that local firms would have the building contracts as a boost to the area's troubled economy.

The Gray Co., an Albuquerque, N.M., firm is now interviewing applicants for the 12 apartments in the complex and says the successful ones will be moved in by the end of October.

And City Council members agree that the promises have been kept.

Eight of the apartments are one-bedroom units in fourplexes; the others are two-bedroom units in duplexes. The fifth building in Phase 1 of the project contains offices, a laundry room and a public meeting room suitable for conferences and other activities.

The parking areas have been completed, the lawns and shrubs have been planted and the welcome mats are at front doors. "About all that is left to do is make a few more connections and wash down the streets," general contractor Jay Cluff said.

Cluff Construction, Manti, was the low bidder among the four Sanpete County firms asked to submit bids. And Cluff, in turn, subcontracted much of the work - the plumbing to Scott Layton Co., Manti; the electrical and heating to Harmons, Manti; the concrete work to Don Adams, Manti; and the painting to Rodney Anderson & Co., Mt. Pleasant.

The complex is near the center of town, a block off Main Street, within easy walking distances of stores, churches and the LDS Temple. A long-term Farmers Home Administration loan is providing the financing.

And the Gray Co. expects to proceed with Phase 2 of the project - two more fourplexes - on the north side of the site next spring.