Wendover-based Beehive Telephone has lost a second time in its attempt to win approval for a fiber optic line between Salt Lake City and Wendover.

Beehive has twice sought Utah Public Service Commission approval for the line, which would travel largely through service territory assigned to US WEST Communications. At the heart of Beehive's proposal is permission to essentially take over long-distance service traffic between the two cities, a service presently provided via microwaveby US WEST.US WEST admits the service has problems and is presently moving forward with plans for its own fiber optic line.

Beehive argued unsuccessfully in July that it should be allowed permission to install the line because the company planned to work in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force in providing fiber optic service to its test and training range west of the Great Salt Lake. Beehive officials claimed US WEST was not moving fast enough to provide the service and had not cooperated with the military, which would likely end up installing a duplicate line.

US WEST officials denied the claim, saying they were more than willing to work with the military if a compatible timetable could be established. They said Beehive's request was little more than an attempt to illegally usurp US WEST-assigned territory.

In its ruling this week, the PSC said Beehive's petition for rehearing failed to raise any significant new issues or provide sufficient reason for the commission to vacate its July order.