Fresh Arab attacks and rumors of Jewish reprisals fed a climate of fear in Jerusalem and the Israeli-occupied territories Monday.

A day after a Palestinian stabbed three Jews to death in Jerusalem, clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinian activists erupted throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip.Palestinians said an Arab was shot dead by the army in one of the clashes, which were fueled by rumors that Arab workers had been killed.

Arab attacks on Israelis were reported in Jerusalem and two Gaza Strip towns. The victims suffered slight wounds.

Hundreds of police manned posts on the roads into Jerusalem to block Palestinians from the territories from entering the holy city.

Security forces beefed up their presence in Jerusalem to prevent revenge attacks by Jewish youths who shouted "Death to the Arabs."

Residents said Arab East Jerusalem was empty because of the ban on the entry.

Some Palestinians evaded police checkpoints on foot, but there was little traffic into Jerusalem. Many Arabs avoided the city for fear of attacks by revenge-seeking Jews.

One of Monday's attacks on Israelis was at a supermarket in a Jewish neighborhood of East Jerusalem. The stabbing victim was a meat dealer.

Israel radio said the assailant, who fled to a nearby Arab area, was a West Bank resident.

In the Gaza Strip town of Rafah, a Palestinian entered the Israeli civil administration office and axed a soldier before being arrested, security sources said.

In another Gaza town, Khan Younis, an Arab visiting from Jordan stabbed and slightly wounded an Israeli soldier, the army said. A second soldier shot and wounded the attacker.

Tension has been high since the killing of 21 Palestinians by Israeli police at Jerusalem's Temple Mount two weeks ago. Hamas, the Islamic fundamentalist organization, has called for revenge.