DEAR READERS: Don't tell me it's time to prepare for another Halloween again! Well, it is, which means it's time to remind you that:

- Somebody's child will be seriously injured or killed in a Halloween-related traffic accident.- Somebody's child will be badly maimed or fatally burned due to a flammable costume.

- Somebody's child will become violently ill or die after eating poisoned candy or an apple containing a razor blade.

- Somebody's child will be coaxed into an automobile or lured into a secluded area and sexually assaulted.

To make sure that child isn't yours, here are some tips to ensure the safety of your children:

- Use flameproof costumes only. If costumes are made at home, treat the fabric with a flame-resistant solution.

- Because masks, floppy hats, wigs and veils often interfere with a child's vision, use makeup instead.

- Accessories such as swords, broomsticks, hatchets, wands, etc., should be made of cardboard rather than plastic, metal or wood. Sharp items are dangerous.

- Provide youngsters with flashlights to prevent falls on sidewalks or porch steps. (Positively no lighted candles should be carried!)

- Decorate your child's costume and trick-or-treat bag with reflective tape to make them highly visible to motorists.

- Remind children that they should never enter the home of a stranger or accept rides.

- Adults can help by keeping their yards well-lighted.

- Parents should check all "treats" before allowing children to eat them.

- Very young children should never be out after dark unless accompanied by an adult.

So, make it a safe Halloween, and come Thanksgiving, you'll have more to be thankful for.