Garfield County School District attorneys have been disqualified from defending the district in its case with former Superintendent Jerold Judd.

Judd's attorneys contended a fair trial would not be possible when the attorneys representing the district were the ones who earlier had advised him in his role as superintendent.Blake Ostler of Kirton, McConkie and Poelman of Salt Lake City said the firm carefully divorced personalities and considered only the district's best interests.

Sixth District Judge Don V. Tibbs ruled Oct. 3 that issues are difficult to separate from personalities and the district must obtain new attorneys.

The case began May 11, 1989, when three of the five members of the school board voted to place Judd on administrative leave. No reason was given.

Judd filed a complaint contending the board acted on only a 60 percent vote when the law requires 66 percent.

The complaint also alleged malicious intent to cause disgrace and humiliation and asked he be reinstated and awarded $100,000 in punitive damages.

Tibbs ruled last year that the board had terminated Judd without cause and ordered him reinstated.