A broken power line in the North Fork of Provo Canyon set off several small brush fires and caused power to be turned off for several hours in the area Saturday night.

Utah Power & Light crews turned off power in the North Fork in order to repair the downed line.The Sundance Tree Room restaurant was closed and a performance of the play "Baby" in the resort's screening room was canceled at 8 p.m. because of the power outage. Sundance employees handed out candles to guests staying in lodges at the resort.

Provo Fire Department Station 2 responded to North Fork to contain the fires.

Gary Zabriskie, fire department engineer, said a power line two-thirds of the way up North Fork broke.

Dave Mead, Utah Power & Light Co. spokesman, said a tree sagged against the wire and caused two spans of wire between three poles to snap. The wire broke around 6:40 p.m.

A converter on the power system failed to shut off electricity when the line broke and it set off fires everywhere it touched the ground, Zabriskie said.

UP&L expected power would be restored sometime after midnight.