To the editor:

Raeo Passey of Midvale can't or won't face the fact that Utah game animals must be harvested.Passey's letter of Oct. 11 uses the word "stupidity." That is exactly what anti-hunters reflect.

You can't argue what was. What the game herds were before man showed up is not known. That there are more deer now than there might have been back then is not important. What is important is today.

The anti-hunter would have us all migrate back to the East Coast, tearing up cities, towns and highways and restoring the land to its condition of 200 or more years ago and then get in sailing ships and return to "Mother Europe." That is stupidity and it is the anti-hunter attitude.

Sure, people are the predators. We are also the hunters. We are also those who till and take care of the land and farm crops. We are also the only species that builds cities, constructs highways and publishes newspapers and I don't think we need to establish a greater or lesser right for us to exist.

We are not co-equal with animals. Contemporary man does not need to justify hunting by using a "survival" excuse. All one need do is purchase the proper permits and keep within the limits of the regulations.

E. Wheeler Oliphant

Salt Lake City