Jerry Wetterling wrote a letter to his abducted son, Jacob, that appeared in the St. Cloud Times as the one-year anniversary of Jacob's abduction neared. Here is the text of that letter.

"Dear Jacob,"It's Saturday morning. Carmen is at gymnastics, Trevor's lying on the floor in the living room watching cartoons, and Amy and Mom are watching New Kids on the Block cartoons in the family room. (Mom is doing laundry during commercials.) I am sitting on the lower bunk in your and Trevor's room. As I look in your closet, I see your gold sweater hanging up that you wore for your school picture two years ago - the sweater that millions of people that you have never met have seen on your posters, billboards, banners, newspapers and TV newscasts.

"Aaron is visiting his cousin in the Cities this weekend. He's disappointed and a little mad because he didn't get to play quarterback this year. By the way, your soccer team finished second in the playoffs again. Jesse, Joel and Chris Pete were put on different teams this year. I saw Nick in Duluth last weekend. Jake, has he ever stretched out! I bet he's grown 5 inches and lost some baby fat this year. He told me that the picture of him, you, and Trevor in First magazine was when he was fat. He's playing fullback and defensive end this fall.

"Jake, this has been a very difficult year. We know what it has been for us, but we can only imagine what it has been for you. Jake, I don't care what has been done to you. I don't care what you have been forced to do. I love you - we love you. That you can always count on forever. Keep on your guard - look for an opportunity - do what you have to in order to survive. We will never stop looking for you, that's a promise.

"Love, Dad."