Last Jan. I sent a money order for $127.65 to Franklin Fashions on Long Island, N.Y., for some wigs. I received the first three wigs, one right after the other. I returned those wigs for a refund. I received refund checks as follows: March 26, $11.95; April 9, $29.95; and April 27, $11.95.

I waited for the remaining wigs to arrive but nothing seemed to happen. I wrote. I called. Nothing. I spoke to a woman at the company and expressed my frustrations. She took another order from me over the phone. The merchandise still has not come.Finally I sent a postcard to the manager. In it I asked for a refund because I had not heard from the company for so long. The company owes me about $74.80.

I would like to know what the company's intentions are and hope you can help me in that respect. - L.S., Salt Lake City.

The company says it has contacted you and that the matter has been "adjusted." We hope that means it has sent you a refund.

Consumer booklets

The following booklets are available by sending your name, address, item number and the specified amount of money to Consumer Information Center, P.O. Box 100, Pueblo, CO 81009.

- "How to Buy a Personal Computer" (item 458W, 50 cents). A step-by-step guide to selecting a computer, floppy disks and printer. Includes a glossary of computer terms.

- "In the Event of a Flood" (item 566W, free). Explains what to do during a flood and how to minimize loss of life and property.

- "Safety and Survival in an Earthquake" (item 177W, $1). Discusses the actions you take before, during and after that might save your life and the lives of your family members. Learn what to do at home and in your community.

- "In Time of Emergency" (459W, 50 cents). Gives advice on protecting life, health and property from floods, hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires and more.

- "What Consumers Should Know About Service Contracts and Repair Services" (item 568W, free). Explains what a service contract is and how it compares with your warranty. Gives advice on how to find a good repair shop and questions to ask.