Rap music has recently taken a rap for its raw lyrics and racy themes, but a dozen valley teens and preteens convened at a local mall Saturday to rap about positive images.

The rapping was a part of Give Yourself a Good Rap Day at Valley Fair Mall. Rap Day also featured booths that offered dating hints, nutritional information, make-up tips, color analysis and makeovers.The idea of the day was to help youths feel good about themselves, said Colleen Fullmer, of the Utah Federation for Drug-Free Youth.

The day was also designed to give youths positive role models. "The most positive role models for kids are kids themselves," said Lori Pinkerton, assistant marketing director of Charter Summit Hospital.

One of the role models was Nathan Clayton, student body president at Granite High School, starting running back for the Beetdiggers and a crowd-pleasing rapper. He sang an anti-alcohol rap.