Five northern Utah men set out corn in a marsh for a month to make sure they had a successful hunt on the opening day of this year's waterfowl season, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

Prosecutors charged Richard G. Ainslough, 30, Farmington; Wendell J. Liechty, 55, Providence; Thomas V. Reese, 52, Bensen, and his son, Brad; and Gary P. Sazama, 42, Logan; with violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.Utah Wildlife Resources Division lawmen said the suspects killed eight Canada geese and seven ducks on Oct. 6 in a Cache County marshland called Thompson Slough.

Division officials said they found the marsh area had been baited regularly with fresh corn for at least a month prior to the waterfowl hunting season, and staked out the wetlands area on the opening day.

Prosecutor Mark Vincent said Brad Reese also is charged with hunting without a valid license and without a state waterfowl stamp or a federal migratory bird hunting stamp.

Thomas Reese also faces allegations of shooting more than the daily limit of two Canada geese and using lead shot in an area restricted to non-toxic steel shot only, said Vincent.

And Liechty and Sazama both are charged with shooting migratory game birds before the official noon opening of the 1990 hunting season.

All of the allegations are federal misdemeanors. They each carry a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $5,000 fine.