A southern Utah telemarketing company has been ordered to stop calling people until the state Consumer Protection Division can determine whether it is in business legally, officials said.

The administrative cease and desist order says USA Enterprises Inc., Cedar City, is not in compliance with Utah's Telephone Fraud Prevention Act, said Gary Hansen, division director.USA Enterprises is not registered with the division, said Hansen, and will face an Oct. 25 hearing "to determine whether the company is entitled to be registered or whether they just plain can't be registered."

He said the company has been mailing unsolicited brochures to people, saying, "because of your good credit rating, we've got a deal for you."

When people call a phone number in Cedar City, they are "encouraged" to purchase a $148 package that reportedly will enable the customer to apply for and receive bank charge cards carrying low interest rates.

The package includes a trip to Orlando, Fla., "if you do it today," said Hansen. But he said the list "appears to be nothing more than a list of names and addresses of banks which issue credit cards. The list seems to be valid, but some of the claims are questionable and some may be too exaggerated to be true."

The division became aware of the company earlier this month, he said.