A 16-year-old West High student charged with the Oct. 1 shooting death of a West Valley man, has pleaded not guilty to the charge in Juvenile Court.

The teenager is charged with first-degree murder in connection with the Sept. 30 death of William Broadhead, 25, who was shot in the stomach in front of his apartment at 2835 W. 2795 South.A 16-year-old Olympus High student was charged with aggravated assault in connection with the incident. He, too, pleaded not guilty during an arraignment last week in Juvenile Court.

A trial date for the two juveniles will be set later this month.

West Valley Police officers said Broadhead was shot shortly after he and two others arrived at the apartment complex. An argument escalated into a fist fight and a fight with boards. Witnesses told police that even after Broadhead was shot in the stomach, an assailant continued to kick him.

A group of Asian residents apparently became angered when a man and his wife, who pulled into the driveway to pick up their child from a baby sitter, shined their vehicle's headlights into an apartment. Broadhead and two companions pulled into the same driveway immediately afterward,police said.