Although they're not thrilled with the idea, Salt Lake County officials soon may have to pay a former Salt Palace box-office manager nearly $15,000 to compensate for overtime work.

The manager, Jack Stahl, recently quit his job. The county no longer pays its managers overtime, a decision made in reaction to having to pay more than $20,000 to former Salt Palace Director Sam Driggs and former events and operations manager Chris Fessler for overtime accumulated over several years.However, Stahl accumulated his overtime before the county changed its policy. The county attorney's office is recommending the county honor the claim.

County Administrative Services Director Larry Meyer said Stahl's job required him to work long hours.

"Whenever you have a ticketed event, the box-office manager has to be there," Meyer said. "He has to be there to resolve problems, and he has to close out an the event with the promoters."

Meyer said the county has been gradually paying the overtime claims of other employees and asking them to take time off to compensate for part of the claims. Attorneys have said the county can't make its new policy retroactive.

The county recently paid another current employee $2,418 as the third installment for overtime accumulated during three years.