To the editor:

I am responding to the article by Bob Bernick Jr. in the Oct. 15 Deseret News concerning Congressman Hansen's difficulty finding time to campaign. I was quoted in that article and found that quite amazing since I was never interviewed.I just want to clarify that the League of Women Voters of Davis County gave Hansen the option to choose his own date to appear at a league-sponsored debate. We realize he is a very busy man, so in August we gave him the option of choosing his own date to appear in Davis County. His office ignored two letters that we sent offering him this option. Not until an article concerning the problem appeared in a local newspaper did we get any response. Peter Jenks, Hansen's campaign manager, was upset with the league for the negative press. By then, it was too late to schedule anything.

I wonder if there is not a ploy in the U.S. Congress to save all the most important issues until September-October so that all of those up for re-election have the perfect excuse not to meet the voters and can just be re-elected?

If that is true, the American voters should demand fair time with their elected officials prior to making their decision for whom to vote. In my opinion, a candidate's television appearance is not quite the same as an opportunity to ask questions face to face.

Margaret Mayer


Editor's note: Margaret Mayer called the Deseret News to complain about Rep. Hansen's refusal to appear in the league debates. She was transferred to Bob Bernick Jr., who interviewed her, took quotes and asked her name. Bernick told Mayer he would look into the situation and subsequently wrote the Oct. 15 story.