Gov. Norm Bangerter and an economic development team that includes industrialist Jon M. Huntsman, traveled to Boston and New York at week's end in what was described as a "search for new industry" for the state.

A spokesman for Huntsman, who is also the governor's ambassador for economic development, said the group is taking the trip as a follow-up to the Fortune magazine article this month that named Salt Lake City as the best city in the nation to do business.The spokesman said the group intends to meet with Fidelity Investments and American Express, both of which already have large operations in Salt Lake City, with computer company Wang Corp., investment firm Kidder Peabody and the site location consulting firm Moran, Stahl and Boyer.

"The time has never been better to knock on these doors and invite the CEOs of this country to visit our state and see its potential," said the governor.