Swastikas and a Star of David will be deleted from two companies' computer games after the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith complained, the games' makers said.

A spokeswoman for the New York-based ADL said the league contacted NEC Technologies and Nintendo of America earlier this year asking that the symbols be removed from two computer games and an instruction booklet."In letters to ADL, both companies informed the league that they had taken action to have the offensive symbols removed," spokeswoman Barbara Walden said Thursday.

Walden said NEC's "Syber Corp" game uses swastikas as weapons in action scenes. The object of its "Neutopia" game is to destroy "bosses," one of whom wears the six-pointed Star of David on his chest.

She said Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda" has a swastika in its instruction booklet.

Grant Schneider, a spokesman for Wood Dale, Ill.-based NEC, said the company was surprised by the ADL request.

"We have third-party software developers who develop the games," Schneider said. "Somehow, whoever programmed these things apparently put these in."

"We notified the game developers and said they had to remove these from the games," he said.

He said if any consumer who purchased one of the games is offended, NEC will replace the game with another of the consumer's choosing.

Schneider also said NEC would beef up the screening process to make sure offensive images don't appear in games in the future.