Patricia Brim, Salt Lake City, has been named Common Cause National Volunteer of the Year. She was selected from nominees across the country for "her significant and long-standing efforts on behalf of Common Cause at the state level."

Common Cause is a non-partisan, non-profit citizens' lobby that works to improve the way federal and state governments operate. Volunteers carry out the work in all areas, including organizing activists, lobbying, fund raising, public relations and membership development."We are especially pleased that this important award was presented to Mrs. Brim at the 20th anniversary celebration of Common Cause because it recognizes her invaluable contribution to Common Cause not just for this year but for her many years of service to the organization in all areas," said Utah Common Cause director Betsy Wolf.

Brim has served on the state governing board in a number of capacities, including two terms as state chairwoman, one as vice chairwoman and as coordinator of lobbying activities and public relations.