Lyman C Kearns was born November 4, 1924, in Gunnison, Utah. He died of cancer September 29, 1990, in hospital, at Atlanta, Georgia. Lyman was the son of Elmer E. and Carrie P. Kearns of Salt Lake City, who are deceased.

Lyman had much of his education in Salt Lake City. He was outstanding in football, track and tennis in both Junior High (Irving) and High School (East) and, after one year at the University of Utah, transferred to Washington, D.C., where he attended and graduated from George Washington University. Upon graduation, Lyman was awarded a Fullbright Scholarship to Oxford University in England. During his two years at Oxford, Lyman assisted one of intelligence organizations with their governmental needs in Central Europe.When Lyman returned to American, in addition to his intelligence affiliation, he had a stint as a reporter with the New York Times, served as a produced manager in New York City with Colgate-Palmolive Soap, and in an executive capacity with some of America's larger corporations.

Lyman has written three books under the sobriquet of Tom Coolige.

Lyman was a High Priest in his ward in Atlanta, Georgia, serving as executive secretary to his bishop. He was diagnosed as having cancer five years ago. His battle with this dreaded disease has been noted in medical journals and in the VA Hospital and Emery University records in Atlanta, as well as Bethesda Hospital in Maryland.

Surviving are: A son, Gary Kearns, and a daughter, Julie Kearns, both Hawthorne, New Jersey; and two brothers, E. Lee Kearns, Santa Ana, California; Louis L. Kearns, St. George, Utah.

Memorial service for Lyman was conducted October 12, 1990, in the Marietta National Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.

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