Shazam! Captain Marvel showed 'em.

Chris Sabo, Cincinnati's begoggled third baseman with a boyish secret identity, answered the taunts of Oakland fans in wham, bam superhero style.Sabo's two home runs and a highlight-film worth of leaping, stretching, charging plays in the field knocked the Athletics for a loop Friday night in a third straight World Series loss and shut up their fans.

"Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, what are you going to do?" the fans near the Cincinnati dugout called out to Sabo when he stood in the on-deck circle in the second inning.

Wrong question. What wasn't he going to do?

In the first inning, Sabo defied gravity to snare a vicious leadoff liner by Rickey Henderson. Not bad for openers.

But the real fun began in the second when Sabo struck as quick as a lightning bolt, just like the comic book hero the fans thought he might be.

Sabo wiggled his bat at the fans, as if to say, "Watch this," then marched to the plate to face Mike Moore.

Moore escaped without giving up a run in the first inning, despite giving up three hits, but he couldn't get away with his meatball pitches against Sabo.

Sabo swung at a 3-2 fastball over the heart of the plate and drove it in a graceful arc into the left field seats, putting Cincinnati ahead 1-0.

That silenced the fans for a while, at least until Harold Baines' two-run homer put the Athletics ahead 2-1 in the bottom of the second.

But Captain Marvel wasn't finished. He made another fine play before the second inning ended, stopping a hard line drive by Terry Steinbach, then made the biggest hit in the biggest inning of this World Series.

After Cincinnati took a 3-2 lead on a single, an error and another single in the third, Sabo crushed a 2-0 pitch to almost the same spot in the left field seats. The two-run, two-out shot made Sabo only the sixth player in World Series history to hit homers in consecutive innings.