Weber State likes to schedule a Division I-A opponent so the Wildcats can see how they measure up with the big boys, but Coach Dave Arslanian is wondering whether No. 21 Wyoming isn't too great of a challenge for his team.

"It will be interesting for us and our kids. I'm not sure it's going to be a good experience, but it's going to be an interesting experience," said Arslanian. "We'll just line up and score as many points as we can and see what happens."Saturday's game gives both Weber State (4-3) and Wyoming (7-0) a break from their conference schedules, although the Cowboys might be getting the better part of the deal since they're playing a lower division team while the Division I-AA Wildcats are moving up.

"It would have been nice if we could have played them earlier in the year, when it would have been helpful for us to find out where we're at," said Arslanian, whose team dropped to 3-3 in the Big Sky Conference when it lost to Montana 39-37 last Saturday.

"They look like New Mexico or San Diego State," said Wyoming coach Paul Roach. "They have a lot of the same formations. And then this guy, Martin, a 6-foot-4 guy, he's as good as (New Mexico quarterback Jeremy) Leach.

"He's as good as a lot of guys in the WAC," the coach said.

Roach believes the Cowboys will have an edge Saturday on both the offensive and defensive lines, but still worries about the Wildcats.

"They could certainly throw caution to the wind and just cut loose and gamble and blitz and do a number of things. That's something that we won't know about until we get going on Saturday," said Roach.

The Wyoming coach is hoping his team can jump to a quick, sizeable lead that would enable him to give some of his reserves playing time. The Cowboys' tendency this year not to run away with any of their games expect the 34-10 win over Washington State has forced Roach to keep the first-string in for 60 minutes each game.

"I'm very hopeful that they won't have to go the distance this week, but you have to be prepared for that," said Roach. "The way we've been operating, this could be a tough game for us."