Jack Klepinger, general manager of Wells Cargo Inc. of Ogden, has been appointed a member of the Job Training Partnership Act Advisory Council to represent Private Industry Council chairmen.

The appointment was announced by Secretary of Labor Ann McLaughlin, who said the committee will assess the 5-year-old JTPA program and identify ways of enhancing the quality of service to JTPA enrollees.Acting Assistant Labor Secretary Roberts T. Jones said the review will focus on who the program should serve, what services should be provided, how the quality of service can be improved, how the management tools used in the program canbe enhanced and whether the JTPA should be coordinated more closely with non-JTPA services and serve other national priorities.

McLaughlin said Marion Pines, senior fellow in the Institute for Policy Studies at Johns Hopkins University, will be chairwoman of the group. Other members of the committee will represent the JTPA system, education, public interest groups, community organizations, business, labor, veterans and the general public.

JTPA became fully operational Oct. 1, 1983, to provide job training and employment services for economically disadvantaged adults and youth, dislocated native Americans, migrant and seasonal workers, veterans and other workers who face employment barriers.