Safety has paid off for Provo. At this week's City Council meeting, Provo Mayor Joe Jenkins received a $39,942 check for the city's safety record.

The check from the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah was about 12 percent of the 1989 premium paid by Provo to the fund.Workers Compensation Fund President Blaine C. Palmer said the average dividend paid to businesses that received a dividend was 6 percent.

"Significant dividend checks are representative of outstanding efforts to provide a safe work site and conditions for employees."

The fund was created by the Legislature in 1917 to provide compensation to those injured on the job. The Legislature made the organization independent from the state in 1988 to make it more sensitive to market pressures.

Palmer reported in a press release that the fund showed a profit for 1989 with sufficient net earnings to declare a dividend to the policyholders. The dividends were paid according to safety records.