Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, is calling for senior citizens to pressure the House into allowing a vote on budget proposals from House Republicans that he says will stop Democrats from "picking the seniors' pockets."

The House Republican plan - which would have much lower Medicare cost increases than Democratic plans - was not allowed by the House Rules Committee to come to a vote this week because it would provide only a $420 billion deficit reduction, instead of the $500 billion mandated by a recent resolution.But Hansen said it "is opposed by the majority party because it relies on genuine spending cuts."

He said the House Democratic plan would increase Part B Medicare premiums to $32.40 in 1991 and to $46.50 by 1995, and would increase deductibles from the current $75 to $100 in 1991 and $175 in 1995.

"The Republicans have offered a budget proposal that calls for no Part B increases and only a moderate increase in the deductible to $100 next year and $125 in 1992," Hansen said.

"The Democrats' picking the seniors' pockets doesn't end with unreasonable Medicare increases," Hansen said.