Utah Valley Community College's chances for a community center are improving months after UVCC's bid for an Olympic ice arena failed.

A physical education building tops the list of capital development requests for the 1991-92 year. A summary of the funding requests was presented at the UVCC Institutional Council meeting last week.Orem Mayor Blaine Willes, County Commissioner Sid Sandberg, and Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce President Steve Densley all expressed support for an expanded physical education building to meet the needs of the county for a community center.

A partnership between UVCC and the local governments is hoped to bring together enough funding to build the $15 million special events center that could also function as a convention center for the community.

UVCC President Kerry D. Romesburg said the need for a physical education building is the school's number one need, as UVCC has only about one quarter of the square footage expected for a college of its size. UVCC has 25,648 square feet of physical education and athletic space, compared to the standard of nearly 100,000 square feet.

Densley said the executive board of the Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously in support of the expanded center, which was described as a "tremendous economic advantage" to the county.

"We would like very much to cooperate with you to produce this facility," Mayor Willis told the college's council. "The city of Orem is very anxious to see this here."

Commissioner Sandberg said the center would "greatly benefit our county." He said he felt the political support was there and that it was time to put it before the public.

Leaders agreed that now is the time to build the community center, providing UVCC receives the hoped-for $10 million from the state for a physical education building. If local governments can bond for an additional $5 million dollars, the area can build a facility similar to the one proposed in UVCC's failed Olympic bid.