The board of directors of the Provo City Redevelopment Agency has unanimously approved a redevelopment survey area as a result of changes in Provo's master plan.

The area to be studied for possible designation as a redevelopment area encloses about 90 acres from the interchange of I-15 and University Avenue northward. The wedge-shaped survey area is bordered by University Avenue and I-15 on the east and west and extends beyond 1200 South on the north.Ron Madsen, director of the Redevelopment Agency, said adopting a survey area is the first step toward creating a redevelopment district. The survey determines if the area meets specific requirements for the redevelopment designation.

The second step is to draw up a preliminary plan for redevelopment. After approval of the plan by the board of directors, a public hearing is held to discuss the master plan.Madsen expects the second step to be completed by the end of October and the final plan to be submitted on Dec. 18. Before the final hearing, property holders in the affected area are notified of the plan and the public hearing by registered mail.

The Redevelopment Agency was created in 1972 so Provo could take advantage of federal funds for municipal development. The first redevelopment district created was Academy Square, designated a redevelopment district more than 10 years ago.

The central business district was designated a redevelopment district shortly after Academy Square. South University Avenue (north of the area now being considered) is also a redevelopment district.

The redevelopment designation allows for controlled development of an area, including loans for certain kinds of development.

The Redevelopment Agency's board of directors comprises the Provo City Council, with Mayor Joe Jenkins serving as the chief executive officer of the agency.