When the announcement came that Allison Larkin was the 1990 Dixie College Homecoming Queen, someone in the audience screamed a little louder than the rest. The scream belonged to Tiffany Larkin Wilson, a sister, who had won the same crown five years earlier.

"I had to be encouraged by some friends to even enter the competition," said the Dixie College freshman. "When the attendants had all been selected, I wasn't anticipating that my name might be called next. It was so exciting to win the same honor my sister received in 1985."Allison is the daughter of Dale and Dixie Larkin of St. George.

The homecoming queen displayed her mastery of the piano by playing a classical piece titled "Romance," by Rubenstein. She wore a black-velvet drop-waist bodice, with a flowing white chiffon skirt to complement her performance. Larkin says she has studied the piano for nearly 14 years.

Also selected as Dixie homecoming royalty were Robyn Durrant, first runner-up; Trina Kay Dastrup, second runner-up; and Heather Heaton, third runner-up. Justine Bayles was selected as Miss Dixie Spirit.

Larkin is a member of the Dixie College Rebelettes Drill Team and has served on this year's homecoming committee. After completing Dixie College, she plans to attend BYU and major in family science counseling with a minor in music.

Twelve young women vied for the title.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "A lot of dumb things have happened at the cemetery . . . Some headstones were put in wrong places. Crews are always having to work around bushes, trees and headstones. They have to drag a hose to water the grounds, but the headstones often block the water, and we've had no help from Mother Nature . . . It doesn't look like it should. We're embarrassed by it." - Rick Graham, deputy Salt Lake City Parks and Recreation director, talking about problems at the Salt Lake City Cemetery. (See story on page A1.)

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