City Councilman Nathan Clark apologized to fellow City Council members and city officials Tuesday night during work sessions before and after the council's regular 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall.

Clark said he is sorry if he caused the city any difficulties after he dug an excavation behind his east bench home, at 125 Coventry. The excavation altered a canyon there and could cost the city an estimated $20,000 to repair the area, officials said.Several City Council members have criticized Clark over the past few weeks for digging in the canyon, claiming that Clark did the work to facilitate the construction of a home by his brother, Tim Clark, in the area.

Council members charged that the excavation violates the city's foothill ordinance and was done without a site plan being filed.

Council members said Clark's excavating with a backhoe damaged a storm drain box and destroyed a storm drain system in the canyon that could result in serious water problems if there were a storm in the area.

Officials said a list of things to be done to restore the canyon's storm drain system will be drawn up and presented to Clark on Nov. 6.