DHL Worldwide Express is doing its bit to end the stigma of "ugly American" tourists by offering pamphlets on foreign customs that include rules of drinking in Korea, eating in China and dress in Italy.

For instance, unless otherwise instructed, you should remove your shoes before entering a restaurant or home in Japan, placing them together and facing the door you entered. In China, the second to last course is often a serving of boiled rice, which you should refuse as a gesture that shows your host has amply served you.The pamphlets urge that when in Italy, if you can't dress trendy then at least be well tailored. In Korea, it is impolite to drink alone and to pour your own drink is considered an act of arrogance and greed.

* The "International Business Customs Primer" is available by writing to: DHL Worldwide Express, Customer Service Division, P.O. Box 225630, Dallas, Texas, 75222-9990.