When it came to fragrances, Elvis Presley was partial to slapping on a little Brut in the morning.

That's enough information to send avid fans shopping for a few bottles of the green Faberge concoction.But now fans can do more than copy the fragrance their idol wore. They can buy a cologne that will "evoke the legendary idol's unique personality."

At least that's what the manufacturer of a new men's cologne says.

The fragrance, called simply "Elvis," will be available Jan. 8, the 56th anniversary of the late singer's birth. The slogan for the fragrance is: "The exciting new cologne for all the King's men."

Presley's estate has licensed the product, which will be sold at Graceland gift shops, J.C. Penney stores and other stores.

Manufacturer Trend Media Inc. describes the scent as "a fresh contemporary, masculine blend of woods, herbs and amber . . . (that) pulsates with extracts of precious woods."

A three-ounce spray bottle retails for $19.50. It comes in a bottle that features Graceland's columns.

Graceland spokesman Patsy Andersen called it a winner.

"It's very, very subtle," she said. "It's not a strong fragrance at all. It's very subtle, but nice . . . I guess a little bit like looking at Elvis."