Although the month of July will be remembered for its blistering heat, the thermometer never reached 100 degrees in Provo, says Dale J. Stevens, weather specialist and professor of geography at Brigham Young University.

Stevens said the warmest day of the month was July 16 when the temperature peaked at 99 degrees. The average high temperature for the month was 94.7 degrees. The normal average high in July is 93.4.The lowest reported temperature for Provo was 54 degrees on July 19. The average low for July was 62.1 degrees, nearly two degrees above the normal average low of 60.2.

Provo had only .41 inches of rain during July, but Stevens said that is not even close to breaking the rec-ord. In 1978, there was no precipitation at all during July.

Provo is, however, drier than normal for the water year, which started Oct. 1. Provo usually has 14.85 inches of rain by the end of July. So far this water year, only 11.58 inches of rain have fallen in Provo.