A hazardous-waste incinerator that may be built 50 miles west of Salt Lake City could belch pollution onto the Wasatch Front and destroy the state's reputation, according to the Salt Lake City/County Health Department Director.

" `Come to Utah - hazardous waste capital of the West, for the Winter Olympics' is not a great jingle," Health Director Harry Gibbons said in a letter to Salt Lake County commissioners.Gibbons wants the county to voice its concerns to the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the state and Tooele County - the three entities that will have to approve the incinerator.

John Inch Morgan, deputy director of the Health Department, said Wednesday a private company, USPCI, wants to build the incinerator to burn industrial waste.

"Our concern is the exhaust that comes from the furnace," Morgan said. "We don't know exactly what they will be burning. We assume they will open it (the incinerator) up to all kinds of industrial waste."

Morgan said governments should demand environmental impact statements before considering approving the incinerator.